BioBridge Global, Vitrafy Life Sciences join forces to advance new cryopreservation technology

San Antonio-based BioBridge Global and Australia’s Vitrafy Life Sciences partner to develop new cryopreservation systems for the advancement of human blood services and advanced cellular therapies.

Leaders from BioBridge Global, Cell Bridge Strategies and Vitrafy Life Sciences are pictured following a meeting at the BioBridge Global Headquarters in Texas.

BioBridge Global and an Australian company, Vitrafy Life Sciences, have signed an agreement set to revolutionize cryopreservation supply chains for human blood products and advanced cellular therapies.

Vitrafy Life Sciences’ novel cryopreservation supply chain solution has the potential to prevent the kinds of blood shortages currently seen around the United States and the world.

The agreement is set to develop protocols and methodologies utilizing the Vitrafy Life Science patented algorithm and supporting technology to improve the survival rates of blood and blood products during the cryopreservation supply chain process, while developing innovative new products that to date, cannot be successfully preserved.