Ballarat company goes global with medical technology improvements

A Ballarat-based company improving the preservation of biological matter is going global, with a new partnership in the United States.

Vitrafy Life Sciences US Partnership

Vitrafy Life Sciences has partnered with Texas-based BioBridge Global to develop new cryopreservation systems for human blood services, life-saving cancer treatments and reproduction research.

Brent Owens, one of the co-founders of the Ballarat company, has spent the last few weeks in the US finalising the partnership.

He said he was proud to partner with BioBridge Global.

“Cryopreservation supply chains haven’t seen technological advancements for decades,” Mr Owens said.

“A post-COVID world needs better systems in place to ensure that a constant supply of blood products is always available for patients in need.”

Vitrafy Life Sciences was established in 2018, after Ballarat residents Sean Cameron and Brian Taylor and Mr Owens, originally from Melton, began work to improve food preservation systems for transport.